June 22, 2016

Mistress Jane

Mistress Jane of Reading, Berkshire


We were asked to design and install a number of pieces for Mistress Jane. Her initial order was for a Spanking Bench, Bondage Bed and a Low Bondage Bench which we had ready for installation approximately a week later. Mistress Jane wanted her Spanking Bench to be capable of restraining a slave on his back with stirrups to support the legs. We added a frame over the bench with chains that is easily removable for the stirrups to fix to in multiple positions and an extension to the top pad to support the head and neck that is also very easy to add or remove. Mistress Jane’s idea was so good we now offer it as an additional option you can have for your spanking bench. Mistress Jane also wanted a way to suspend and restrain a slave over the bed other than a sex swing, and the “Pendulum” was born, again Mistress Jane’s idea was so good we have now added it to our range as an additional option for the bondage bed.

Mistress Jane decided to test our flexibility a couple of days before we were due to install her new furniture by requesting a Sex Swing frame which we were happy to do, but as we didn’t have one ready to go we actually built it in situ at Mistress Jane’s play space ensuring it fitted perfectly into the space she had available.

Mistress Jane was brilliant to work with and very helpful during the install, her play space is very impressive and amazingly well equipped with every conceivable bit of fetish equipment you can imagine. It is very clear how dedicated Mistress Jane is to her art and she is a credit to her self and her slaves.

Thank you Mistress Jane for inviting us into your play space and letting us supply and fit your new dungeon furniture, it was a pleasure : )

Dungeon Kit Fetish Furniture Bondage Bed & Cage

Dungeon Kit Fetish Furniture Bondage Bed & Cage

Dungeon Kit Fetish Furniture Bondage Bed

Mistress Jane’s feedback :

I have worked out of my own Dungeon for a few year’s now and so far I have not come across a piece of furniture that I am completely happy with.

That is until I refurbished my dungeon with equipment from Dungeonkit.co.uk. The attention to detail and the needs for both practicality and space is second to none. The installation has totally transformed the look of my play space and every piece of my new kit works just the way I need it to. It has also given my dungeon a great industrial look and ambience. It is both robust, multi functional and my clients love it as much as I do.  The only negative I can come up with is I don’t have enough space to buy more!!

From Mistress Jane , Berkshire



What Mistress Jane’s clients have said:
Dear Mistress Jane

Thank you enormously for a great session yesterday. And congratulations on your fantastic new dungeon and medical room!

I relished every moment, but I think the best was being mummified in black cling wrap and then rocked like a baby while suffering various torments. I think I could have enjoyed the whole two hours bound up like that!

Hope to visit you again soon.

Best wishes

G xx



Thanks for another great session on Friday. I was blown away by your new dungeon furniture, it looks phenomenal.

All the best.

Craig x


Hello Mistress.

WOW what a fantastic transformation to your dungeon, I didn’t think it could get any better equipped than it was, I was obviously wrong. Your new furniture  not only looks amazing  its great to play on to.

Well done you!



Hi Mistress Jane

Just a quick mail to say how much I enjoyed our time together the other day. I love the new industrial look your of furniture, it sets the scene very well. A fantastic transformation to an already fantastic place to play.

Keith x


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